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  1. Planning to go Tom . Monday the 8th. What’s the best time to be there ? I’d like to make the most out of my visit here in SF

  2. What happens on the 5th weekend of the month?

    • This Saturday, the 5th Saturday of the month we are hosting a special Underwear-Theme CumUnion Party. Same time and entry fee as always just makes sure to wear your HOTTEST underwear!

  3. What is considered proper footwear? Flip flops ok?

  4. Poppers? For sale?

  5. Is safer play ok? Is there condom use and if so should I bring my own.

    • Yes, safe play is definitely okay. We have condoms scattered throughout the club for you to use or feel free to bring your own.

    • The SF Dept of Health people, who come to do testing on the 3rd Saturdays of the month, have told us that we use more condoms that any other play space in the city.

      So, yes, condoms are welcome. We provide them in little buckets all over the space. You do need your own lube though. (sanitary reasons) And lube is for sale at the front booth.

      We are following the CDC request to no longer refer to safer sex as just condoms. As guys on PrEP are also practicing safer sex and not using condoms. Come for testing on the 3rd Saturday and talk to the Health Dept if you have some questions about getting on PrEP yourself.

  6. Is there ever a twinks only event?

    • If an organization would like to host a party for twinks only, we’d be interesting in being the venue for that.

      But, our parties will always be inclusive to all men regardless of race, age, body type, or background.
      We find that our members prefer to have parties where there is a good selection of different types of guys to play with.

  7. Are there ever going to be gangbang parties or bareback gangbans?

    • There are gangbangs at almost all of our parties. No need to have a special night for it. If you want to be the bottom in one, we suggest posting an ad on, or, or another hook up site letting guys know you will be here to be banged.

  8. Do you offer free lube at these parties?

  9. can you tell me with whom I might speak regarding advertising for your space? I represent the Bay Area Reporter, the undisputed newspaper of record for the LGBT community.

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